Keyakitte, Kakenai? Episode 58 (161127) English Subtitle


Well, yeah, this is the final part of Keyakizaka Fall Athletic Festival.
It's filled with so many ups, downs, smiles, tears, joy, losses, and wins.

The episode started with the Arm Wrestling Battle, with four representatives from each team in an elimination tournament. Harada, Sugai-sama, Fuyuka, and Berika for the Blue Team against Risa, Ishimori, Shida, and Akanen for the Red Team. The first showdown is Harada vs Risa, and lol this is not even three seconds for Risa win, but then she was losing to Sugai-sama. Sugai-sama takes on Ishimori, and easy win for her, then she was stopped by Shida. Also, I didn't expect that Fuyuka was that strong. Ahh yess, and there's the Ponkotsu Berika did nothing but loll . Then the badass Shida put an end to the tournament lol. Also I just wondered how strong Akanen is since she was the last challenger.

Next up is the Soft Tennis Battle.
A 3 vs 3 matches with 2 experienced members in the backcourt and the frontcourt member can be subbed out. Oda, Suzumon for the Blue Team and Akanen, Yone-san for the Red Team. 
This match was interesting, and as expected Akanen was passionate, also Suzumon got some skills too. Also, LOL when Yone-san hit Ozeki's back there. In the end, it's another win for Red Team.

Then finally, Sugai-sama Jibun History. The most awaited one. 
Well since she's being an Ojousama, I think everyone will also curious about her past. But the most interesting is that she's in the Band. 

Last but not least, The Relay Race, that the winner team will be awarded 50 points. That means, whoever win this, is the winner of the whole tournament. Lol that's unfair. But that is how variety show works right? lollll, and even Akanen was said "What about all the life we've sacrificed for the last battles" lol THE LIFE.
The battle starts with Sugai-sama vs Shida, not really many gaps between them but Sugai-sama takes the lead. The race keeps going on, but then there's Neru vs Zuumin. Neru was super fast and creating a huge gap. Then Ozeki with her style just makes it worse. Lolll. The race keeps going, and Risa shortens the gap. Last, the battle between Kobayashi and Akanen. Akanen was running with all her strength and almost overtaking Kobayashi. But in the end, she loses. She cried. 
Hats off to Akanen, she was superb, high-spirited, and passionate until the end.

Last, the studio version of Futari Sezon. 

Keyakitte, Kakenai? 58 Eng Subs

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 Subtitle : Here!

Credits : Good Enough Subs

Subtitle Font : TW Cen MT

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Btt Nat
4/12/16 22:30

Thanks for sharing, too bad good enough subs you tube account has been terminated, so there won't be any more new subs soon.

5/12/16 06:04

Not the first time it's been terminated. Hopefully it'll either get back up again or a better host site is found so he/she doesn't have to reupload all the time. I imagine it must be time consuming.

Btt Nat
7/12/16 17:34

I know that and he/she has a backup channel. Anyway, Keyakitte, Kakenai? episode 59 has been subbed by good enough subs.

Arta budi
25/12/16 12:45

i hope you not like the others who stopped half way, thanks for sub and everything, 😄😄😄👌